Well, I have 2 follicles on my left measuring about 9. But then you have my right side. I have 30 follicles on my right side. Sixteen of them will most likely mature — they’re measuring between 11-15 so getting close to maturity. The other 14 are pretty small so they don’t think those will mature. Praying the 16 reach maturity because the more eggs the higher our chances of success.

My mom really enjoyed coming with me to clinic to see where we go and what goes on. She met all the nurses and thanked them for being good to me. 🙂 She said it was so special for her to be able to  be there with me. She got to see all the follicles 🙂

I was instructed to continue the same meds at the same levels at the same times. So, I’ll continue with the low dose HcG, Follistim, and Ganirelex until we go back on Monday.

Until next time, xoxo.


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