Our IVF Timeline

I received an e-mail from our RN this morning with LOTS of information, documents needing to be signed & faxed in, and our IVF timeline. It’s overwhelming to say the least.

I started taking birth control yesterday and will remain on it until Oct. 27th. My first time EVER taking birth control and I’m almost 30 years old! So far, the only side effect I’m experiencing are HORRIBLE cramps. Really, really sharp pains. So sharp, I could hardly walk last night. But the RN assured me those should go away in a few days.



IVF Timeline:

10/12/14 — Started OCP (oral contraceptive pill)

{# of days on OCP — 17}

10/21/14 — Hysteroscopy/CBC/Blood work; Matt will also have some testing to do this day as well

10/27/14 — Last day of OCP

10/27/14 — Begin low dose aspirin (81mg-100mg) or Children’s chewable aspirin; 1 tablet each evening

10/31/14 — “Baseline” appointment (ultrasound & blood draw)

10/31/14 — Injection teach/review

11/1/14 — Medications for ovarian stimulation by injection will begin at home

11/4/14 — Monitoring my ovarian response will begin (will end up being every day or every other day)

WEEK of 11/9/14 — Egg retrieval & embryo transfer


It’s about to be an intense journey for my husband & I, but we are both so ready for this. I have a 51% chance of success if we transfer 2 embryos. I think the hardest part is going to be the TWW!!!!

My medications were also ordered today…wow, is all I can say. I will be receiving Follistim AQ, Leuprolide, Pregnyl, Ganirelix, Progesterone Oil, Progesterone capsules, Methylprednisolone, Climara, Doxycycl, & 70 needles sent to me. It’s all very new to me except the Follistim & Pregnyl.

I started my Young Living essential oil Clary Sage last night in my diffuser. I was in heaven! ❤



Our 2 year wedding anniversary is on Oct. 20 and we had plans to go on a little getaway to Lake Geneva, WI. It’s still the plan but plans just have to change a tiny bit. 🙂 Not the end of the world. This journey to three is way more important to us.

My RN said I should be taking a prenatal daily that has folic acid in it. {I should have been taking these anyway but I always forget} She also said I should be eating well, resting, and trying not to stress too much.

We are so, so excited. We continue to pray and try to remain in good spirits<3

Jeremiah 29 11

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