Going into our FET (frozen embryo transfer) we knew this was it. We had three frozen embryos (often referred to as embabies in the infertility world) remaining. My clinic had told us that I needed to have two periods (since our miscarriage in December) prior to beginning our FET. The day my dad passed away…my […]

From my husband:

It’s easy to let our day to day humdrum take over and push aside those things that truly eat at our every being..Said no one ever. In the Marines, they teach us to “hurry up and wait,” well it’s damn hard. See, in this you wait for another chance, a maybe, a could happen, a […]


HOW?: Such a simple question, but such complex answers that I wish I knew. Over the past several weeks, I have struggled so much with the hows, the whys, the what ifs…praying that some day in the near future it begins to get easier for me. And my husband. HOW did this happen to us? […]


Well, I have 2 follicles on my left measuring about 9. But then you have my right side. I have 30 follicles on my right side. Sixteen of them will most likely mature — they’re measuring between 11-15 so getting close to maturity. The other 14 are pretty small so they don’t think those will […]

…the ugly

I truly, truly, TRULY try my very best to remain optimistic and in good spirits while going through our first attempt at IVF, but I have to admit — the past few days have been extremely trying, exhausting, and painful. The first few days I was only on 2 shots/day of Follistim (100iu in the AM/125iu […]