Warrior Pineapple TShirts For Sale!!!

Hi all!!!

My husband & I have designed some tshirts and are trying to sell some right now to help raise some money for our next step. Depending on what we make off the sales, we might try another cycle with some IVIg infusions ($4,000/weekly price tag) or we will use it towards surrogacy.

We designed the word “WARRIOR” to form a pineapple. One of the many reasons that pineapples are so significant to fertility is because the core of the pineapple has bromelain in it – which is said to help aid in implantation. Is it true? Who knows, but we all eat the core for 5 days around transfer and helps give me some peace of mind, lol.

Tshirts are on preorder right now, so when you order your shirt it will say “backordered” but all should ship on or before June 1. You have until May 22 to get your order in! Thank you in advance for your purchase and please share with others to help us on our journey. We appreciate all of your support! Thank you!

Here is the link:

WARRIOR Pineapple Shirt Purchase

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