you are my hero, nurses.

We met Ashley, our RN, when we first sought fertility treatments in March 2014 & little did we know how her and the rest of the nurses throughout our journey would become one of our biggest support systems.

Because of our journey (the years we’ve been struggling, the heartbreak, the joy, etc) we have become very close to the nursing staff at the clinics we go to. You name it, they’ve seen it. Every side of me. And let me tell you, they are the bread and butter of those clinics.

Setting foot inside a fertility clinic is something I never imagined I would do. But yet here we are, still struggling to conceive after 5 years and we haven’t given up yet. I’ve remained strong and steadfast in our journey, but I don’t think anyone really understands how much nurses help carry us.

They’ve rubbed my shoulders at transfers, shared in our joy, whispered good luck, felt our pain, told us they loved us, and prayed for us. Never in my life have I witnessed more compassion for others than these nurses have for us.

They work day in, day out, holidays, weekends, etc. They are the bearers of the good news and the bad news. And yet, they are always smiling, optimistic, & compassionate.

They have been just as much a part of our journey as we have. And I can honestly say, if it weren’t for them, I would have thrown in the towel a long time ago.

Ashley has been our main point of contact and our main RN for the past 3+ years. And honestly, I feel like I owe her my life. I can call or email at anytime and she’s always there no matter what. No matter how crazy the question, or how many times I ask the question, she answers with a smile on her face.

When we go to appointments, we get excited to see her and talk to her about life – no matter how much I might be dreading the actual appointment. She’s honest with us and cares about us and our infertility journey.

In our last pregnancy, we had a small scare and she got us in the next day for an ultrasound. She knew I was terrified and wouldn’t look at the screen until I heard her say “everything looks good” while the doctor performed the ultrasound. Her three words, that were spoken so quick, immediately brought tears to my face and relief. She knew how scared I was and made sure to let me know as soon as possible that everything was ok. And she gave me the biggest hug.

The nurses have been our main point of contacts at all of our clinics. They are our cheerleaders and our heroes. They’ve been there for us in our lowest lows and in our highest highs. The nurses have made “that” part of our journey easy and I thank God for them everyday.

So, thank you to all the nurses. Especially those that I have come into contact with over the course of our infertility journey. If you have a nurse in your life, thank them. They work extremely hard, stay compassionate, love you, and root for you. They are an inspiration to me. I am honored and grateful to know them.



  1. I just recently started following your Instagram account after a search for posts about PCOS and TTC. I felt compelled to comment on your blog post as I am a nurse from Boston. I am a nurse in a different specialty, but have just started my IVF treatments because of my PCOS. I am in the beginning stages of trying to get the medications right in hopes for ovulation. I, like you, have had great interactions with the nursing staff at my IVF facility. But, let me just say that the nurses aren’t the hero’s, our patient’s are. The good ones and the bad. Just from reading your blog posts, I have felt all the emotions you have been through: from pure excitement to downright heart break. And the real hero is you, the patient, and your ability to get back up despite all the bumps in the road. So from the nurse who is now the patient, thank you for sharing your journey. Thank you for giving us nurses the strength to continue to do what we do.


    1. Aww, thank you so much for all you do as a nurse! You guys are the best. I’m so sorry you are now on the other side of it, lots of prayers your way❤️


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