HSG + Plan with Dr. Kwak Kim’s Office

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good. Nervous, but ready to take on the pain from the HSG and whatever the results would reveal – just like I have always tried to do throughout this journey. I’ve had countless procedures these past 4 years (hysteroscopies, egg retrievals, D&C to remove a polyp, laparoscopy, LEEP, etc) and it doesn’t seem to get easier. I always, ALWAYS seem to get myself worked up before them. My legs go weak, my palms get sweaty, and my whole body shakes. My husband does such a wonderful job calming me down and reminding me that I CAN DO IT. That I am braver than I know. That WE CAN beat this.

Here’s a picture of me on the way to our appointment with the top down! Woohoo!



The nurse brought me back and she could tell I was super nervous. She got some some Tylenol to take because I forgot to do that myself (oops!) and then had me pee in a cup to make sure I wasn’t pregnant. I assured her I was absolutely NOT pregnant. LOL. Like, I PROMISED her I was NOT pregnant. Haha. But I know – just a precaution. She took my blood pressure which I just knew was going to be threw the roof…low & behold is was 128/82!!! Pretty darn good for my nerves!

I got undressed and got my feet in the FREEZING COLD stirrups. Nervous as all hell, the nurse in the room did an amazing job calming me down. She started having a conversation with me so I was distracted. God Bless her! They got Dr. Kwak Kim and off we went with the HSG.

Let me tell you, I totally psyched myself out for this. I was SO worried about the pain. And guess what? Nothing more than a few, mild period-like cramps. And it was over before I knew it. It did help that the clinic gave me a heat pack for my stomach during the procedure. But the hysteroscopies I have had have been WAY worse for me. WAY WORSE.

The results: my uterine cavity is completely CLEAR and ready for pregnancy, with nothing in its way. NO FIBROIDS, NO POLYPS, NO CYSTS. We are GOOD to go; no surgery needed! I screamed that I wanted to give Dr. Kwak Kim a hug and she said I could just had to wait until I was out of the stirrups; hahahahahahaha 🙂

AND!!!!!!!!!!!! Because these results came back clear, I do NOT have to have a hysteroscopy at my fertility clinic on Monday anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HECK YES for less pain (& less travel)!

I got dressed and came back into the room and Dr. Kwak Kim and the u/s tech were looking puzzled and whispering as they looked at my u/s. I asked if everything was okay, and Dr. Kwak Kim said, “Well, your right tube looks great and fluid seeped out, but we can’t seem to find your left tube on the screen.” Guess what guys? I don’t have a left fallopian tube! 🙂 Haha; oops probably should have reminded them before the procedure.

My husband finally got to come back by me. They checked my weight and I am down 12lb from the last time I was there on July 7! WHOOP WHOOP! That’s 12lb lost in 5 weeks! Not too shabby! I had some blood drawn to check my homocysteines (that’s what I am taking Metanx for to help my MTHFR mutation), vitamin D, iron, & CBC levels. Fingers crossed all comes back ok and in the “normal” range.

Our final appointment was at 10am with the nurse practitioner, Margaret, to figure out a medicine schedule before our FET on September 12.

Here is the plan between now & transfer:

Starting today (in continuation of all my other meds I’m on): Prednisone 10mg daily (to suppress my inflammatory cells); Calcium 500-600mg 2x/daily (because Prednisone eats away at your bones, lovely); Prenatal vitamins (I’ve been really bad about taking these); & an Iron supplement daily

August 20: Last day of birth control pill

August 23: Follow-up blood work at KK’s office to check how I’m responding to Prenisone

August 24: Baseline appointment at AFCC

~August 26: When period ends, start Lovenox (blood thinner) injections once daily

September 6: Follow-up ultrasound to check blood flow & IVIg IF insurance approves it

September 6: Lining check at AFCC – start PIO that night & most likely, trigger shot

September 8: Intralipid infusion is scheduled at Dr. Coulam’s office incase IVIg isn’t covered

September 11: HOLD one dosage of Lovenox prior to transfer

SEPTEMBER 12: TRANSFER (and PRAY TO GOD that our final embaby survives the thaw)


I’ll have a nice two week break right now until shit starts to get real and hectic. But I can do this. It’s going to suck, it’s going to be strenuous, it’s going to be exhausting going between three clinics, but by God, if this gives us our miracle baby after four years, you can bet your ass this will be more than worth it.

Thank you to everyone for the continued prayers & support. Please pray for us and for our embaby<3

I did get a treat today from my husband since I had a “painful” procedure — a cake pop from Starbucks – YES, please! I’ve been doing so good on my diet (I’m down 29.2lb) & sometimes, you have to indulge.


Love to you all, xoxo.

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