…from my husband

I sit here turkey hunting. Not seeing a thing. Eyes open, ears tuned. Calling periodically. All the time in the world to think about our IVF struggles.

The tests, appointments, instruments, doctors, nurses and specimen cups. All our hopes and dreams in a clinic. Labs done, biopsies taken and shipped away, tests run and blood drawn. Everything is taken and so far nothing has been given back… Besides hope.

Hope for that first heartbeat. For that first showing of belly. The morning sickness and cramps. The support that I give by back rubs and foot rubs and signing to our little one in the womb.(I have a terrible voice but know a lot of songs)

I give up my prayers and thoughts for the sake of this hope. So many struggles we have endured yet so much hope we have. We struggle and fall but we get back up. I couldn’t do this without the strength of my wife. I look into her eyes and I see an undying resolve and strength to carry on. Therefore I push on, with a mutual resolve and strength. The will to continue on with our journey… Our journey to three.

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