We Have Tested Positive for Infertility.

We have tested positive for infertility.

It’s not taboo, it’s not an airborne virus that people wear masks for protection from.

It needs to be discussed, to be brought out in the open and talked about. It’s a lot to talk about but it’s healthy. There are some who will never know what it’s like or know anyone who has. But 1 in 8 couples struggle with some form of infertility. That is too many not to talk about. The stigma of infertility is disgusting. Why does it seem like the only people we have to talk to are the people with infertility issues?!


I’ll tell you why. No one knows because it’s not talked about. We need to be brave and break the chains of misinformation that wreck the subject of infertility.

First, time and practice does not fix everything. Trust me we’ve practiced. And there’s been plenty of time. So if you keep telling us it will happen in time.. Well guess what…TIME RUNS OUT.

Then you just have to relax it’ll happen when you least expect it… Umm yeah relaxing won’t reshape my sperm to be perfect like it should. Relaxing won’t make my wife ovulate on her own because for some reason nature said that she can’t. Yeah just relax…Sorry relaxing won’t put our babies back in her womb.

It’s a lot to digest. That nature could screw with your body like this. I guess though, look at the duck billed platypus…Or the turtle frog…But we won’t let this get the better of us.. WE WILL PREVAIL. We will conquer this. And yet when that time comes we will not cease to be advocates for this debilitating issue of infertility.

We are not alone…Anyone who goes through this much heartache and pain and the ups and downs both emotionally and physically should never be alone.

It’s so hard to comprehend all the feelings of infertitlity and miscarriage. To know that you’re wife had to feel your baby leave her body is heartbreaking. You feel so helpless and yet you have to be strong. You have to have resolve. You have to show your other half that there is reason to live. Reason to continue, if not right now but again. Reason to leave the bed when all you want to do is hibernate till it’s all over.

We must endure this and we will. Our journey to three will go on.



-Erin’s Husband, Matt


  1. Hi Matt (and Erin), We just read your post Matt– It sucks that anyone has to go through this kind of stuff. How do we accept the things we cannot change? Sometimes I just dunno.
    I guess we just keep showing up the best we can.
    Thanks again to both of you for including us on this roller coaster ride of life. Much Love, Gary


  2. I’m sorry you guys are going through this. I had so many horrible, distasteful and ignorant comments during my infertility struggles that I completely shut down and stopped discussing it with anyone. “Relax and it will happen!” “Why don’t you just adopt?” “It will happen when it’s supposed to happen.” “Some people are just not meant to have kids” (that one came from my own mother). While I encourage you to fight til the end for what you want, try not to punch anyone out in the process! 🙂

    Best to you.


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