My husband + I met with our RE (reproductive endocrinologist) this morning to discuss the next steps. Our clinic considers one to have recurrent miscarriage after more than 2 miscarriages, so while we aren’t there yet, since we have had 2, my RE is still allowing us to have some testing done.

image image

They took blood from me to test for auto immune disorders and to test for chromosomal abnormalities. They also took blood from my husband to test for chromosomal abnormalities. We should have the auto immune results in approx 3 days + the chromosome testing will take approx 3 weeks.

If we have any chromosomal abnormalities, before embryo implantation on our next IVF cycle, they will do genetic testing to figure out which one(s) are considered normal. This will cost us $5,000 + $750 for freezing. While we realize that’s a lot of money, to me, if it meant that I wouldn’t have to feel my baby leaving my body ever again, it would be so worth it.

If an embryo is tested and is normal, our clinic only recommends transferring one because the success rate is so high at 80%. Booooo. We would love twins, lol, but will take whatever God gives us.

While we have no desire to currently begin the IVF process (for the 3rd time), we are hoping this testing gives us some answers and insight. We pray that we have the strength to get through these next few weeks, while we wait for results, and that we can slowly begin to trust the process. We continue to pray for strength & faith to get us through the journey to parenthood. It’s been way longer than we expected, more emotional that we could have ever imagined, but has made us stronger than ever.

Thank you to all of our family + friends for being there for us during this extremely difficult and emotional time. Thank you for reaching out to check in on us, sending us cards, food, etc. You have all helped ease the pain in this grieving process — it’s been very hard on us, but things will get better in time.


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  1. We are really looking forward to seeing you both the end of next month. We are sending great big hugs through the heavens to you in the meanwhile.


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