From my husband:

It’s easy to let our day to day humdrum take over and push aside those things that truly eat at our every being..Said no one ever.

In the Marines, they teach us to “hurry up and wait,” well it’s damn hard. See, in this you wait for another chance, a maybe, a could happen, a MAYBE!? My wife and I sludge through birth announcements and baby pictures on our way to the fertility clinic just to hear “well hopefully it works.” It is damn hard.

You know as a man in this it doesn’t affect you like the woman. We have the easy job. We get to do our thing and then sit back and relax. I say screw that because there is nowhere I would rather be than out there with my wife. We need to be out there. With them. Every single day. Through all those seemingly happy moments for everyone else.

Don’t get me wrong, we are so happy that people don’t have to go through this shit but just realize that IT. IS. JUST. HARD. Hard for us to comprehend that through all of this we have to start another IVF cycle. Hard for us to see my wife get pregnant and then lose him/her. It’s just hard…

Time again to ruck up. Stand up, buckle up, shuffle to the door…CSMO (collect your shit and move out)…time to Oscar Mike on another leg of our journey to three.

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