Once again Follistim — we are NOT friends!

Alright…we had my baseline appointment on Friday (10/31) and got to go over all of the meds I have — how to inject them, where to inject them, dosage, when, etc. I received instructions from my RE to begin Follistim on Saturday (11/1). Saturday night between 6pm-8pm I took 225iu, Sunday morning between 6am-8am I took 100iu, Sunday night between 6pm-8pm I took 125iu, and then again this AM I took 100iu and will finished with 125iu this evening. I am beyond thankful that my husband is okay if I come to his work to have him inject me because unless I absolutely, ABSOLUTELY, have to, I’m terrified to inject myself. The injections go in my stomach and I am now “polka dotted” on my stomach with bruises at each of the injection sites. It’s ok — IT’S WORTH IT! 🙂 The picture below shows one of the bruises on my stomach and the little red dot on the right is where the injection happened.


I’ve been having the same {lovely} side effects that I had last time (during our 3rd IUI) when I was on Follistim AQ. Bad headaches, sharp cramps, back pain, & nausea. I’ve also found that I’m a little more tired than usual, but not completely sure that is from the Follistim.

We go back tomorrow morning for blood & ultrasound & then I will be given more directions on medications. All I know is that a lot of the meds I have will stimulate the heck out of my ovaries to make follicles grow & then there’s also medication to keep them from ovulating.

Here’s also a picture from my baseline appointment on Friday when they took blood from my wrist; since they can never find a vein in my elbow.


I’ll continue to keep all my followers up-to-date as I get more instructions on medications, how my appointments go, and when other things (egg retrieval, embryo transfer) are going to happen! Crazy to think within the next week and a half I’ll have actual embryo(s) in me! I can’t even explain the emotion that comes over me when I think about it. ❤

Thank you to everyone for the constant prayers and reaching out to us to make sure we are doing okay. I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, it truly means the world to us.

Here’s a little picture of our puppies we adore so much that can’t wait to be big brothers {hopefully someday soon}!!!


XO, Erin

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