Here we go!!!!!!!!!!! {IVF}

We had an appointment today with my RE for blood + ultrasound to see if my AF was close to arriving. I haven’t had a period for 43 days yet, so they wanted to check what was going on so we could get the ball rolling for IVF. My uterine lining was really thick and I had nothing abnormal going on with my ovaries. So that’s good! The blood test was done to test my progesterone & estradiol levels & an HCG blood test. Nope, not pregnant!

The nurse called with my results around 1pm CST this afternoon. My RE has prescribed me to take the medication Provera for 7 days, to help induce my period. With this medication, my AF should arrive anywhere from within 3 days to 2 weeks. Once my AF starts, I call the clinic with day 1 of my cycle & I start birth control on day 2. You can learn more about Provera & the side effects here. Doesn’t look like anything I’m not used to already with the nausea, bloating, headaches, etc. Yippie.

I already know this is going to be a “trying” month for Matt & I. I’d like to say I’m prepared, but I’m not so sure I can truly prepare for what my body is about to go through. We are going to be going through something very exciting, new, and SO SO SO important to us. I know my body is going to all out of whack, but this is for US. Matt is my rock. Without him, I couldn’t get through this. I’m scared…shitless. But I’m so ready for what the future holds for us.


The nurse said to us “It’s best not to make any out of town plans this month because you’re usually here (@ the clinic) every other day.” Before we even started, Matt & I agreed that we wouldn’t be making any plans with anyone {that required traveling} because we knew we had to give IVF our full attention & be at the clinic whenever required. So our apologies if we are M.I.A. this month!

Everyday it breaks my heart that I can’t get pregnant naturally, but if IVF is the answer for us, then so be it. I’m willing to do anything. I’m praying everyday that this works for us & that we become parents. I’m praying that we have all the support we can get from our family & friends. This is a HUGE process and a lot of money.

#heregoesnothing #bebrave #bestrong



  1. once the bub is growing inside it makes absolutely no difference how it got there! good luck! drink plenty of fluids during the stimming and keep your feet warm always!

    good luck



  2. I totally agree…it doesn’t matter how you get pregnant!

    What matters is what happens after that bundle of joy and little miracle comes out…y’all are going to be amazing parents!!

    Thank you so much for being brave enough to share this experience us…I know it’s hard, I know no one fully ever understands because they will never walk in your shoes. I appreciate your honesty and admire your strength!

    Love you PIC, love you Matt!! Let me know is there is anything I can do it make this journey a little easier ❤


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