Is it time to take the hurdle to IVF?

I sat home last night while Matt was at work and did all kinds of research on IVF. The good, the bad, the ugly. I wanted to know everything and as much as possible before we make this decision to move forward. I had already reached out to the nurse at my clinic to send me a generic IVF timeline so we would know what we are getting into if we move forward…but, I wanted to know more. I wanted to read blogs by women who had done IVF; sharing their struggles & victories.

One woman described taking THREE different shots every evening leading up to IVF & described what it’s like to give your body up to the medicine for IVF — taking numerous medications throughout the day at certain times. The side effects that come along with each medicine…oh joy, something to look forward to I tell ya :-/

As I’ve said before, we are blessed to have health insurance that covers most of the costs of infertility. However, IVF is still expensive. Without insurance, it would be around $15,000. We will stay pay close to $2,000 for IVF if we decide to go that route — which is what we are leaning towards anyway.

All I’m struggling with right now is if it’s time to take a break for a month or two and how many embryos to transfer…praying that we will come to a decision soon and know what’s best for us.

I want to take a break so bad (from everything), but I want a child so much more. I know I can make it through and I have the strength to continue this journey with my husband and family and friends at our side.



  1. You will do what’s right for you, just take a little time to make sure you’re comfortable with the timing and decision. Taking a break for a couple of months beforehand was really good for me! It seems counterintuitive, but it provided me with the strength and energy I needed going into IVF.


  2. Sometimes a break can be really helpful, it helped us a lot this summer. Your fortunate to have insurance to cover so much of your IVF, but 2k is still a lot, I get that!


  3. PIC, I don’t completely understand your struggle because I didn’t seek medical help when I couldn’t conceive. I was too scared to try Clomid, to have Danny go in and see what they might say about him.

    I am so proud of how strong you are and how you are handling everything…I know the waiting is the hardest part because I waited 2 years to finally get that positive pregnancy test.

    But know that you need to do what’s best for you..if you need a break then take it! If you want to try right now then do it…pray about it, talk about it with Matt and know that I am always here to support you in whatever decision you make!

    Love you ❤


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