…IUI canceled

…and I keep feeling down, down, down…

At my appointment this morning I was showing 1 follicle at 16 and 2 at 14 and then still some little guys that weren’t growing. The reason my RE increased my Follistim on Saturday/Sunday was because my Estradiol decreased significantly. Well I just got the phone call that my IUI has been canceled this month. My Estradiol levels dropped too much and are at 67. The nurse said that typically the levels should be at least 200 per follicle. So I am way down…wouldn’t even be able to support a fetus :-/ You can learn more about Estradiol here.

I’m so bummed & disappointed. It’s so hard to not just give up & throw in the towel. Trust me, I know that it’s for the best and that my RE knows what she’s doing, but it’s still so hard going through this process month after month and having the constant disappointment.

My mind is all over the place right now, racing with thoughts & what to do next…



  1. ❤ I want you to know that you are loved…don't give up hope and never stop believing! I don't know how long you will be on this journey, but know this, He is right there beside you…you may not always feel Him and you may not understand why He has lead you don't this path. But remember He never leaves not forsakes you and He plans to prosper you ❤


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