You said THREE?!!?!!!!!!

Well, my ultrasound today showed that I have THREE follicles on my RIGHT side. THREE! THREE! THREE! Yes, you read that right — I have THREE! Haha. I am beyond ecstatic (could you tell?)! They’re measuring right around 12 & 13 and 16 is mature so we are close! This was such wonderful news to hear and perked me right up. I was feeling super under the weather today and asked my nurse if it was normal from the Follistim. And she said “yeah, your body is pumped full of hormones” — oh yeah, duh Erin! Silly me for forgetting 😉 Haha.

She didn’t have luck getting blood from my wrist so she switched over to my the top of my hand. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There’s now a bump about the size of a quarter on top of my hand that hurts, but my husband thinks it’s just swelling or the blood pooling there. Yippee 🙂 I’m sure it will go away 🙂

photo 1 photo 2

Now I wait for the clinic to call me later this afternoon with instructions on what to do next. I’m assuming I’ll go back on Saturday and have the IUI on Monday because they’re growing quick with the Follistim!

I plan to call my acupuncturist to see if she can get me in before Monday because I should have one more treatment before my IUI.

Thanks for the continued prayers – they’re working 😉 XOXO everyone!



  1. YA! How exciting. I’m having my next IUI on Saturday, so we’ll be really close to each other. Sorry they had to draw blood from your hand instead of your arm, that sounds painful!!


  2. Yay!!! So exciting…praying extra prayers tonight those follicles keep maturing.

    Grow follicles so soon it could be your birthday ❤

    Love ya PIC…sending you all my positive thoughts and prayers!


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