Dosage Increase

I went to the clinic on Saturday morning & did not have any follicles yet. The nurse told me that it’s completely normal and it usually will take another 4-6 days & I had only been taking the medicine for 3 days. I continue to feel the same symptoms & my stomach is covered in tiny bruises where Matt is giving me my shots. 🙂 Not his fault though!

The clinic called me later in the day on Saturday to tell me to increase my Follistim dosage from 150iu to 175iu for Saturday/Sunday/Monday and then I’ll go back to the clinic on Tuesday AM to see if there’s any progress. I’m almost out of the Follistim (I had 1200iu) so I had to order more. Thank God insurance covers it cause it’s well over $1,000. 🙂

They were actually able to get blood from my elbow this time but wowza, am I bruised! I’ll be ok! 🙂


I’m anxious for tomorrow to see if we have made any progress! I’ll post tomorrow again tomorrow, xoxo. 


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