We’re not friends Follistim…

Well, I’ve had two doses of Follistim (both of 150iu) injected in me so far. I’ll take my third one tonight & I head to the Gurnee fertility clinic tomorrow at 6am for ultrasound + blood draw. Then they’ll give me my next dosage instructions for 3-4 more days then I’ll go back again to check on follicle(s) growth.


So far, I’m not enjoying the side effects of the Follistim. I’m having headaches & some pretty bad nausea going on right now. Yesterday, I had some really bad cramps & sharp pains in my ovaries. So bad that I had to sit down for a little bit.

I just keep reminding myself why we are on this “wonderful” journey to three & what the final outcome will be 🙂

I’ve never told my husband this, but probably the ONE thing that gets me through all this, is him. He’s a USMC veteran & courageously did THREE tours to Iraq. He has seen the worst of the worst — he’s been in fire fights, lost fellow Marines, & witnessed things I can’t even imagine. Through all of it, he remained strong & NEVER GAVE UP. I get my strength from him. Knowing all that he has done for us & this country, it gives me the hope & strength to continue this journey. He deserves the world & is truly my hero. His appreciation for life is unlike any other I’ve ever seen. I’m remaining strong for him, for us. No matter the pain or sorrows I feel, I’ll remain strong & continue on this journey<3 …And I’ll NEVER GIVE UP



  1. My heart and eyes swell for you…I know this journey has not been easy! I pray that this will be it for you ❤

    Matt and you are going to make awesome parents to some lucky kid/kids!!

    Stay strong Erin!! I am here for you to lean on me 🙂

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    1. Thank you Rachel. It’s friends like you that help ease the pain of this journey. We are blessed to have you & your family in our lives.

      Hope you’re ready to play doctor tomorrow 😉 XOXO, love you.


  2. Erin,
    Thank you for inviting me into this circle of trust. You and Matt are in my prayers and thoughts daily. Much love too you both.
    Gary A.


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