3rd IUI (…with a little different medicine)

We had our appointment this morning at the fertility clinic for ultrasound & blood work to make sure I would be cleared to start this cycle. My ultrasound was good, no cysts 🙂 Now, I just need to wait to hear back from the nurse regarding the blood results & my dosage of follistim that Matt will administer to me nightly in the form of a shot.


Here is what the Follistim looks like. The blue thing is the pen/cartridge where the medicine goes & then you attach a needle (all the white containers with pink tops) to the top. There’s a dial on the bottom of the pen for you to measure out your dosage each night, so it’s fairly easy. 🙂 We got a free sharps container from my mom’s work so that will come in handy for all the needles we will be disposing of.

The Follistim will help my body produce more follicles and in turn, gives us a better chance of pregnancy. Just remember, we want the follicles on the RIGHT side! 🙂 The side effects are about the same as Clomid, just maybe a little more intense and more bloating…oh joy. However, if I have more than 4 follicles, my RE will cancel the IUI cycle this month because it’s a huge risk of multiples — which we don’t want. And she doesn’t want to be the next Octomom doctor 😉 LOL.

My injections of the Follistim begin this evening. In 3-4 days, I will go back to the clinic for ultrasound to check follicle growth. I will keep you all posted on the side effects too!

Here is a short video of how we use the Follistim cartridge.

…until next time, xoxo


  1. I hope your injections are going well, mine start today….so I’m not too far behind you! Good luck with EVERYTHING! I hope this is the last time we have to do this!


  2. Thanks Jen! So far just cramps & sharp pain from time to time. I saw on your blog you’re doing Clomid + injections??? What drug were you prescribed if you don’t mind me asking? Cause my RE is having me just do injections & no Clomid. Good luck to you!!!!


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