…that decision changed fast

I woke up this morning and was welcomed by my AF. Yippee… :-/

Matt & I talked about our decision to take a month or two off this morning as I was getting ready for work. We have decided that since I have the medicine, we might as well try & see how my body reacts. So…we are going to give it a go & try the IUI + injectables this month. We knew we had to come to a decision TODAY because my clinic needed to see me by CD2 for ultrasound & blood work before I could be cleared to start the medicine & the process again. My injections will start tomorrow & we go to see my RE tomorrow at 8am.

I will also be trying acupuncture this cycle as well. I have read that there are many, many benefits  with acupuncture for those struggling with infertility. I’m kinda nervous about it, but I’ve heard and read nothing but positive feedback in regards to acupuncture. You can read more about it here — this is the clinic I’ll be going to as well.

If we have another failed attempt this month, we will for sure be taking a 1-2 month break and then doing IVF. We are sick of the disappointment from month to month that we have been experiencing since our journey began in 2012.

Thank you to everyone for your continued love, prayers, support – it means the world to us.

Here goes nothing…<3

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