Second IUI

Well, this post may come as a surprise to some people because we told a lot of people that we were taking a break this month, but in reality, we weren’t. One of the things we really struggled with last month was everyone asking if I had gotten pregnant from our first IUI. While I know they were just curious and wanted to be really excited for us, it was a huge let down for Matt & I to tell people it wasn’t successful 😦 So, instead, this month we decided to only tell a very, very few close family members that we were going to be trying our second IUI in July.

My RE increased my Clomid dosage to 150mg (the highest dosage is 200mg) and I took that on days 5-9. Once again, three days after I finished my last dosage of Clomid, I went back to the clinic for ultrasound & blood work. My mother-in-law actually came with us to that appointment because she was visiting us that week 🙂 I had TWO follicles this time. One on my left was at 11mm & one on my right was at 10mm. I’d go back to the clinic in a few days to check growth. I was just excited to have more than one follicle! Haha…

Matt & I went back in three days (on Friday, July 18) and my left follicle was 14mm and I now showed TWO follicles on my right side, but they were only measuring at 9mm & 10mm. They weren’t growing on the right side. Go back again in three more days…

It’s super hard for me to go into work late on Mondays so I set up the appointment for Tuesday AM. My left follicle was measuring at 21mm and the right follicles didn’t grow at all! While I was thrilled that I had a mature follicle on my left side, my RN soon pointed out that I don’t have a fallopian tube on that side. We could either skip this month (since our chances were lower) or we could still try the IUI & hope & pray that my right side swooped up that egg upon it’s release 🙂

Matt & I decided we would do the IUI. It still was a better chance for us to get pregnant doing an IUI versus regular intercourse. The RN called later that day & told me they would schedule my IUI for Wednesday AM (July 23) & that I would not have to do the HcG trigger shot because my body was already getting ready to ovulate on its own. The blood work they do shows the LH surge in my body which detects when I’ll ovulate on my own 🙂 See, learning a lot aren’t ya? Haha.

I was actually pretty happen I didn’t have to do the HcG again because of how miserable it made me feel last month.

My second IUI was Wednesday, July 23 at 9:30am. Once again, it was quick & painless. 🙂 I would not have to go back in a week to test my progesterone levels. Instead, since I already tested low for it once before (last month) they would automatically put me back on Endometrin supplements immediately for the next two weeks until we knew the outcome on the IUI.

And so, this brings us to today. We’re just over the one week mark in the two week wait.  This TWW hasn’t actually been that bad. We aren’t going into this with high expectations, basically because I don’t have my left fallopian tube. But, we still have some hope 🙂

Any prayers for us are greatly appreciated. ❤ We will keep y’all posted…..six days to go…. 😉


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