Since beginning “our journey to three” I’ve become very familiar with fertility terms & abbreviations. I’m going to note the ones that I’m most familiar with and will most likely use them in my blog from time to time.

TTC — trying to conceive

TTW — two week wait 

DH — dear husband

BBT — basal body temperate

  • I never knew that you could learn so much about your cycle by taking your BBT every morning (before you get out of bed)! Your BBT is a little lower before ovulation, then you’ll have a dip in BBT on ovulation. Ovulation is confirmed by having a raise in temperature three days in a row. After ovulation, your BBT will remain high & if pregnant it stays high. If your period is coming, you’ll see a huge dip in your BBT.
  • Here is an example of one of my charts from February 2014. The red horizontal line pinpoints my ovulation day.
    • image

AF — Aunt Flow

BFN — Big fat negative

BFP — Big fat positive

CD — Cycle day

BD — baby dance

DPO — days past ovulation

HPT — home pregnancy test

HcG — hormone that develops in woman’s body once pregnant

OPK — ovulation predictor kit

POAS — pee on a stick

RE — reproductive endocrinologist (I’ll use this one a lot)

Let me know if you have any questions! 🙂

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  1. Thank you for sharing this with me. I love you guys so much and will continue to keep you in my prayers!


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