Getting to know us!

I realize now that this probably should have been the first post I posted, haha, but better late than never, right?!?!

I’m Erin. From a small town in Wisconsin, born & raised in the Midwest. I have two older brothers Sean (lives in Nashville, TN) and Bryan (lives in Madison, WI). I also have a younger sister, who is  my best friend, Sarah who is currently living in Santiago, Chile. I’m blessed to have two wonderful parents who love & support all of us through everything that comes our way. I married Matt in October 2012 and we live in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. We have two beautiful dogs — Kimber, a white German shepherd & Duncan, a wheaten terrier.

kimber1111 10441951_630075762099_3231601611036747640_n

Matt, my husband, is from the same small town in Wisconsin that I’m from! 🙂 We went to school together from third grade until high school. He joined the Marine Corp. when he was 17 and left for boot camp immediately following graduation. Matt has one older sister Rebecca (lives in Verona, WI) and an older brother Joel (lives in Fond du Lac, WI). He too has two very supportive, loving parents. Matt & I lost touch between high school (graduated in 2003) until about March 2010. We reconnected via Facebook and we just happened to fall in love with each other.

Matt was in the Marine Corp. for 8 1/2 years. He did three tours to Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom & two tours to Okinawa, Japan. He is truly the best person I know, my support system, my rock, my hero, my everything.

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I know Matt is going to be an amazing father someday & I can’t wait to make that happen 🙂

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